Wednesday, May 25, 2011

NICU day 31, postoperative

Jillian made it through surgery today, her surgeon said she was a perfect angel. I can't explain to you enough how much a miracle this was. She was an angel only by the grace of God a true answer to many prayers.

When Mark and I arrived this morning the nurses were trying to get her on her right side, this is the side that just collapsed a day in a half before. They had been leaving her off that side to help it heal as well as she could not breath as well on that side. The nurses were slowly moving her to that side because the surgeon had to enter her chest on the left side of her body to perform the surgery. So when Mark and I were in there her CO2 was climbing. The doctor came in and said that they were going to mess with the vent systems to trying and get her numbers to come down. They ran a blood gas on her and her CO2 level was 139, this was way too high to be able to do surgery. Then I sent out an prayer request to many prayer warriors and within the minute, I am not kidding her number came down and down and down. I asked what they wanted it at and was told 80. Her level came down and averaged 80. Thank you God!!! The surgery was on. Her surgery was rescheduled to 2 but our surgeon was in an emergency surgery and it did not get to start until 3:45. Right before surgery her numbers were starting to go crazy her CO2 came up just a little intothe high 80's and her oxygen satsuma were in the 70's. She was already on 100% oxygen and they can not got any higher. So the surgeon told us to give her a kiss and go and wait in the waiting room. Again my mom, my husband and myself sent out prayer requests and waited. Her surgeon came in after an hour and said she was a perfect angel. She also told us that this was the biggest artery she has ever seen on a baby this small. She also told us how nervous she was to do this surgery as was the rest of the staff. I told them before surgery that everything was going to be ok and that Jillian had many prayers being answered and the A team for surgery. I was having a really hard time with all of this yesterday before Mark made it out and when I spent sometime with God He gave me a new perspective. We have been praying for Jillian to heal and this was how He was going to do it. He also reminded me not to see the picture infront of me, the one that looks scary but to look up to Him and stay focused on Him. Boy did that just releave the stress. Then this morning God reminded me again that I was not to focus on the picture in front of me but on Him, Him who shut the lions mouth and kept the fire from burning those who love and trust Him along with all of these other things that God has done. Faith. I rested in faith. With my God all things are possible. May God receive all the glory!!!

So Jillian is doing ok since surgery. She is going up and down but they told us to expect that for the next few days. Please pray for her to recover quickly and for her lungs to work perfectly and for her not to be uncomfortable. Thank you all for the prayers.

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